While 2020 proved to be an exceptionally difficult year for a multitude of reasons, silver linings did not go unnoticed.

From simple acts of humanity to awe-inspiring events, we at FootBalance turned our focus on the individuals and organizations who made it their purpose to lift up those around them; bringing stories of inspiration, optimism and hope into the midst of the gloom.

For this very reason, we decided to partner up with Soles4Souls once again.

By providing relief for children in the form of footwear, Soles4Souls has put more than 54 million pairs of feet in a pair of shoes, providing health, comfort & confidence for those who need it the most.

The impact of this incredible organization stretches over 127 countries and the testimonials speak for themselves. Khadijah Williams, a survivor of homelessness and advocate for homeless youth speaks out about the work of Soles4Souls: 

“For me, having a new pair of shoes… meant that I was worthy. It meant I had a choice when choice was such a rare commodity in my life. It meant that I could walk and jump and move without pain. It meant that I had dignity.”

 In the United States alone, approximately 12.7% of the population lives below the poverty line. When we can help provide a pair of shoes, we’re helping bridge the economic gap. For these families, a new pair of shoes provides dignity and hope. 

In many other parts of the world, walking is the primary mode of transportation. Each day, millions face the dangers of cuts, fungus, contaminated soil and insect bites that lead to infection, amputation and death. Providing safe, sturdy shoes could help end this cycle.

At FootBalance, we pride ourselves for our commitment to foot health and wellbeing, recognizing the necessity of well-fitting footwear in maintaining healthy feet to stand, walk, run, and jump on.

This is even more critical for children, whose feet are still growing, as the problems of wearing shoes a number too small only get worse over time.

To partake in giving the gift of hope this holiday season (and ultimately stretching through the end of January), we pledged to provide a pair of shoes for a child in need for every pair of custom insoles purchased on our website and at participating retail locations.

In fact, some of our partners decided to join us, in matching our commitment. For those of you who did, thank you.

A big thank you is also in order for Soles4Souls, who provide us with the platform to make a difference in the lives around us on a global scale. Our experience with you was once again nothing short of exemplary, and we look forward to working with you again soon! 

To find out how you too can make a difference via donation or shoe drive, visit the Soles4Souls website at soles4souls.org