Metropolia and FootBalance to partner in the field of foot health

Metropolia and FootBalance to partner in the field of foot health

Foot health and wellbeing expert, FootBalance Inc., and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences deepen their cooperation with a working life partnership agreement. The contract was signed on 2.2.2021. Metropolia and FootBalance began their cooperation in the school’s foot therapy program before the official partnership agreement was instituted. A few years back, the foot therapy degree program and FootBalance carried out a joint project, which developed insoles for diabetics. The project assessed the relationship between support insole materials, their combinations, and the pressure exerted on the foot sole.

”We worked to find the material combination that minimizes pressure exerted specifically on the front part of the foot. The end result was an insole designed for diabetics for FootBalance’s product range” says Pekka Anttila, lecturer and degree supervisor from the Metropolia foot therapy program.

”Our partnership agreement serves the interests of both parties. Educational cooperation, new product development projects, and R&D examinations of the efficacy of personalized insoles are all examples of cooperative efforts. FootBalance is innovative and interested in implementation of evidence-based solutions as a part of their products and processes. It has been great following the growth and evolution of FootBalance as a company”, continues Anttila

”FootBalance service concepts and products have always been based in researched information. Our research project together with Metropolia is a natural continuation of the execution method for our product development projects that take us to new territories. We are excited for new conquests and finding out how moving forward our partnership can advance holistic health and wellbeing”, says FootBalance CEO Klaus Rauhansalo.


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